Finance Major Skills List

Finance major jobs required that you have certain skills if you want to succeed in the field. The good news is the majority of these skills are things you can easily learn if you’re ready to devote your time and efforts. Now, let’s briefly consider some of the finance major skills and their importance to the success of your career. Here are some exceptional skills you’ll need as a finance major:

1. Quantitative and Statistical Analysis Skills

Numbers are finance and finance are numbers. There are no two ways about it. Anyone who wants to thrive as a finance major must be in love with numbers. If you have strong math and statistics background, then you have higher chances of succeeding as a finance major. The mathematical foundation prepares your mind for the analytical and statistical understandings you will need to analyze and interpret data, and then draw conclusions based on your findings.

2. Microsoft Excel Skills

Microsoft Excel is one of the major tools you will need to function as a finance major. Hence, your Microsoft Excel skills are non-negotiable. This is important as most of your investment strategies and financial decisions will be tested out on Excel before you can reach a conclusion. Therefore, you need to build up your Excel skills, as well as learn the various features and functions of the program you will need to perform your tasks efficiently as a finance major.

3. Problem-Solving Skills

Your job as a finance major revolves around solving problems for clients. Thus, it is imperative that you have problem-solving skills if you’re looking to build a career in this field. You must be able to study events and trends, and then be able to use your findings to proffer solutions to companies’ and investors’ challenges.

4. Creative Skills

Hardly, there is any discipline or industry that does not require the key players having a high level of creativity. Creativity is what you need to thrive as a finance major. Your research findings, as well as proposed solutions to problems, must be unique. This will not only earn you industry recognition, but it will also increase your client base and bottom line tremendously.

5. Communication and Interpersonal Skills

Communication is everything. If you cannot communicate effectively, then no one will understand or notice your analysis, findings, and conclusions. Also, with good interpersonal skills, you will be able to network effectively with stakeholders and key players in and outside of your industry who can help you reach your career goals. Thus, if you want to succeed and build a great career as a finance major, you must work at honing your communication and interpersonal skills.


Although the finance major skills list is almost unlimited, the above skills are critical to the success of anyone looking to build a career in the field. If you need additional information on financial major skills list and the job opportunities available for finance major in Australia, Canada, UK, and the United States, contact Joblang now for useful tips and industry assistance.